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Regency Tower Condominium Association Policies

Rules and Regulations for Owners’ Family Members, Guests and Tenants

The Regency Tower Condominium Association welcomes you. The Condominium rules and regulations listed below have been established to provide reasonable structure for our community and to support a safe and pleasant environment.  Their purpose is to guide conduct, maximize the enjoyment and safety of everyone in the Regency community.

Owners’ family members, guests, and tenants should become familiar with the rules and regulations. They will also be responsible for ensuring the children in their care follow the rules and regulations.

Any questions about these rules and regulations should be directed to the unit owner, rental agent or Regency Tower Condominium staff.  As necessary, the Board of Trustees will be informed of concerns and will interpret, explain and enforce the rules.

Fifth Avenue Entrance – Use the 5th Avenue entrance when arriving, registering or leaving AND FOR GOING TO AND FROM THE BEACH.  For convenience carts and luggage racks are available to transport luggage, groceries and personal items.  Please return the carts and luggage racks to the 5th Avenue outside storage area immediately after each use so they are available for others to use. Please do not leave them in the halls, units or elevators.

After enjoying the beach and before entering the building, please wash off sand at the 5th Avenue faucet.  Please do not bring sandy towels or blankets into the building.  Store them in your vehicle.

Balconies – Children must not be left alone on balconies.  Climbing on or poking through a balcony railing is unsafe and strictly prohibited.  Hanging anything or shaking anything over balcony railings is not permitted.

Bicycle Corral – For convenience, an outside bicycle corral is located on the 6th street parking area for tenant use.  There are no reserved bicycle spaces.  Tenants may use any open rack space.  Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle racks and may not be left in or obstruct walk areas; bicycles may not be brought into the building.  Bicycles not left in racks will be removed, and locks or chains securing them will be cut.  The Regency Tower Condominium Association assumes no responsibility for the safety or security of bicycles.

Fire Code Regulations – The City of North Wildwood has important and stringent fire code regulations that affect the Regency Tower. The North Wildwood Fire Department physically inspects units and equipment on an annual basis.

Each unit MUST have an approved functioning smoke detector and a fire extinguisher with a current date tag. The extinguisher must be in plain sight or a sign displayed to identify its location.

There are also fire extinguishers on each floor of the main, east and west stairwells and fire alarm pull handles in the hallways.  TAKE THE TIME TO NOTICE WHERE THIS FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT IS LOCATED.  The North Wildwood Fire Department requires the building be evacuated in case of a fire.

IMPORTANT:  If you are cooking and create smoke in your unit, open your balcony slider for ventilation.  Please do not open your hallway door.  Hallways have sensitive smoke detectors connected to the North Wildwood Fire Department; if they sound or are activated, the entire building must be evacuated, and fire engines will be dispatched to the Regency Tower.  If you have a fire or emergency in your unit, use the house phone; dial 9 for an outside line and then dial 911 and report the situation.  Follow the direction of the North Wildwood Fire Department, leave, shut the door on the way out of the unit and evacuate the building.

Laundry Room – Coin operated washing machines and clothes dryers are located on each floor near the passenger elevators.  The Regency Tower Condominium Association is not responsible for personal clothing or items left in the laundry rooms.  If there is a malfunction or question, please contact the Regency Tower staff.

Main Lobby – Considerable effort is expended to maintain the appearance, cleanliness and safety of the Main Entrance and Main Lobby.  When using the Main Lobby, shirts and shoes are required.  Wet bathing suits and bathing attire are not permitted.  No food or drinks are permitted in the lobby.

No Smoking Areas – Smoking is permitted only in individual units, on the pool deck and outside the building.  All other areas of the building and grounds are designated as NO SMOKING.  Throwing of cigarette butts over balconies, on the grounds or parking lot or anywhere on the premises is prohibited.

Occupancy Forms – When an owner is not present, a completed Regency Tower Occupancy Form is required in advance. These forms are required 12 months of the year. Forms must be fully completed with all of the information that is requested. 

Parking, Guest and Visitor – Parking tags are required for all vehicles on the Regency parking lot.  Guests, visitors, and tenants may only use the black parking tag. It must be displayed or hung facing out from the rear-view mirror of the automobile.  Guests, visitors and tenants may not park in the spaces under cover or under the building. They are required to park in a black top spot. Parking regulations are strictly enforced; improperly parked cars or cars without the tag will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Personal Sports Equipment – Skates, roller blades, skateboards and surfboards are not permitted in the building.  This personal sports equipment must be stored in the vehicle of the guest or tenant.

Pet Free Building – The Regency Tower is a pet-free building.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.

Pool and Barbeque Area – Barbeque grills are located on the pool deck.  Local fire regulations prohibit the use of individual barbeque grills anywhere on the premises. Weather permitting, the pool and barbeque are open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm from July through Labor Day.  After Labor Day and until the pool is closed, they are open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.  Times are subject to change as necessary.

THE POOL DOES NOT HAVE A LIFEGUARD. Children MUST be supervised at all times by the adults responsible for them.  They may not be left unattended or supervised from unit balconies.  Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

Running, diving, ball playing, jumping on the pool deck furniture and rough or “horseplay” are not permitted anywhere on the premises.  Individuals in street clothes, shorts, and non-bathing attire and infants wearing regular diapers are not permitted in the pool. If infants are taken into the pool, they MUST wear “Swimmie” type diapers.  Please ask Regency Tower staff if you are uncertain about what type of infant diaper that is permitted in the pool.

Only paper and plastic ware are allowed on the pool deck.  For safety and to prevent injury NO GLASS OR BREAKABLE MATERIAL IS PERMITTED ON THE POOL DECK.  Food being brought to the pool deck and barbeque area must be in plastic containers.  Anyone who brings glass or breakables to the pool deck will be asked to remove it and exchange it for non-breakable paper and plastic dinnerware.

Individuals and families using the barbeque grills are responsible for cleaning the grates after their use.  For your own safety, sitting on the pool deck perimeter wall is not permitted.  Feeding of birds from the pool deck, unit balconies or anywhere on the premises is strictly prohibited.

Security Cameras – For safety, protection and management purposes security cameras are installed throughout the building, pool area, elevators, hallways and stairwells.  They operate 24 hours a day, and the video captured is retained for review and identification as needed.